Atavium has unleashed the first data storage solution with integrated user-defined insights & automation, giving organizations unparalleled control over their assets.

Our self-learning platform is designed for hybrid cloud environments at scale. Categorize, orchestrate and protect your unstructured data making your digital assets more accessible, usable and valuable.

Learn how Atavium can power your business success story!

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Manage Assets, Not Files

Business-relevant Tagging
Real-time Search & Analytics
Datacenter to Multi-Cloud Mobility
Cloud Native
API-Driven Automation

Accelerate Business Outcomes

  • Maximize Your Highest Value Assets

    Atavium delivers a platform that creates a competitive edge by unlocking the business value of your data.

  • Instant Knowledge

    Obtain fine-grained business-level detail in real-time without impacting production workloads while eliminating the need for custom scripts.

  • Increase Productivity

    Orchestrate your workflows based on specific business needs by leveraging user-defined data placement policies and event-driven IT automation.

  • Enhance Risk Mitigation

    Atavium's automated policy engine ensures data is properly retained and protected while meeting security levels required in the hybrid data center world.

  • Improve Collaboration

    Atavium's hybrid cloud integrations improve collaboration between multiple teams and locations.

  • Data Life Cycle Management

    Categorize, protect and orchestrate precise digital assets into your unstructured data workflows through our automated policy engine.

  • Zero-Touch Tagging

    Organize your data through user-defined tags without changing client behavior.

  • Real-time Views

    View projects and assets instead of files and folders, through instant filtering that provides focused access to precise datasets.

  • API Integration

    Eliminate the need for custom scripts by integrating with applications via open APIs and event triggers for fully automated workflows.

  • Real-time Data Placement

    Move the right data to the right tier based on business needs not merely based on time. Whether flash inside the data center, to the cloud or between both.

Discover Core Features

Optimize Cloud Mobility

  • Granular Mobility

    Policy-based data placement allows the mobility of data between on-premises and multi-cloud on an asset level.

  • Cloud Is No Longer a Silo

    Atavium’s smart tiering is based on business and workflow needs leveraging cloud as another tier of storage.

  • Move the Right Data

    Atavium’s cloud-native appliance integrates into your ephemeral cloud workflows resulting in the movement of precise data while decreasing ingest time and cost.

  • Tier to Object

    Manage data in public or private cloud (S3) with transparent file access allowing existing file base resources to leverage all your S3 tiers.



Insights & Automation Streamline Cloud - based Workloads


Data Management at Scale: Gaining Insights & Automation

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